The Invisible Someone

Alissa Leonards FINISH THAT THOUGHT #7

My entry for this week’s Finish That Thought, entitled The Invisible Someone, is below, if you prefer to read it here. Thanks for stopping by! Come back anytime.

Emelden was the most beautiful woman Riduen would never see. Why the villains had turned against her, were seeking her out to destroy her, was beyond him. Whatever the reason, the Academy had charged him and two other heroes with the task of guarding her. Before they could do that, they had to find her.

Emelden existed on Earth’s realm as an ethereal entity, nebulous at best. They called her the Invisible Woman. Riduen’s sight had dimmed as his ability as a seer had grown. Now fully grown, he was blind, but his new vision would enable him to see the Invisible Woman. He only needed to be close enough. Isur and Idanu, elven brothers with uncanny tracking abilities, would bring him to her.

The Academy had given them her last known coordinates, a secluded island with an active volcano. The heroes had no way of knowing what powers the clandestine group of villains possessed. Riduen worried that the villains would get to her before they did. One way or another, the three heroes were in for an adventure. Once again, Riduen wondered why the Academy would bother saving one villain from the rest.

Over the noise of the helicopter, Riduen could hear the volcano, feel waves of heat radiating from it. He saw a vision of molten lava escaping into the sky and running down the sides. “Isur, circle the perimeter of the island. She’ll no doubt be as close to the water as possible, if not in it. Idanu, come on this side, by me. Search the water’s edge. Let me know the second you have her.”

The chopper began it’s circuit on the western side of the island, with the sun on the other side of the enraged volcano. Almost immediately, Idanu gripped his arm, sharing a vision of a spot in the water just off the shore, “There!”

“Isur, get me closer to her, over the water.” Isur brought the chopper around so Riduen could dive in. Flying fifty feet above the water’s surface, the blades hit something invisible, but solid until rent. Blood sprayed through the air, the chopper was sent into a spin.

The three heroes dove into the water and swam for the shore. Lava was no longer flowing freely from the volcano. That which had reached the now pitching sea was hardening in the crimson waters. The volcanic eruption was the least of their worries. The heroes had injured what they were sent to protect.

A violet voice that sounded like a thousand souls moaning sang out far above them, above the drops of blood that were raining down around them. “Heroes of the Eurus Academy of Nobility, I am Emelden, daughter of the Amazonian Titan Asteria.” Her voice changed to a silvery amused tone, “I gather you were uninformed of my size?”

The three heroes stood staring at what could not be clearly seen. Riduen found his manners, and made a semblance of a bow in the water before her.

The Invisible Someone @West1Jess

Word Count: 499

Special Challenge: Accepted

One thought on “The Invisible Someone

  1. Giving credit where credit is due, I’d like to mention that the idea of experiencing a voice as a color came from my good friend Rachael Spellman. Synesthesia is an actual condition where sensory perceptions are combined to define the world around synesthetes. A real life super power, if you ask me. 😀


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