Thursday Threads #99

The Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked! Thursday Threads#99, hosted by Siobhan Muir.

The challenge: Write a story in 100-250 words using the prompt, post in the comments including word count and Twitter handle.

The prompt: But I won’t go alone.

My entry for this week.

Together Forever
230 Words

She stared at me with those big doe eyes that jumped from my face to the gun in my hand and back again. Her tears had made a mess of her makeup, ruining the porcelain effect she’d perfected over the years. She struggled against the duct tape securing her to the small, wicker chair. If she weighed more than ninety pounds, she could tip it back and smash it to bits. Even if she could have, she wouldn’t have the heart. The chair had belonged to her grandfather. She pleaded with her eyes, mumbling around the gag.

“Listen, Doll. I know you tried to kill me, and I know I’m dying anyway. I get it. You were just trying to help, you love me that much. I don’t disagree with you that it’s time to go. I’ll do anything for love, go anywhere for love, but I won’t go alone. We’ll go together. I’m ready.”

The flames caught the living room drapes, surrounding us in a warm, flickering glow. I wondered briefly if her screams were more pleas, or if she was bitching about the curtains I was ruining. To think, we’d fought over the cost of those damn curtains. Funny how you only realize the irrelevance of such things when you’re facing death. All that ever mattered was that we were together, and that’s really all that matters now.


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