Jackie buttons up her blazer, and hurries down the hall to a private office.

She’s never been more nervous about meeting a student for tutoring.

A college professor, she has close to a hundred students in her Advanced Calculus class. It was Elise Hanson that needed help.

Elise was one of the most beautiful young women Jackie had ever laid eyes on. Her heart raced each time she saw her. Never mind how the rest of her body behaved.

Jackie told the Dean that she was simply too busy to take on tutoring this year. The truth was, she had time, but she didn’t want to risk her job. The Dean insisted she help Elise.

Jackie pauses before opening the door. An image of Elise laying on the desk tempts her. Oh, the things she could teach the young woman. Warmth spreads throughout her body.

She opens the door and the scent of vanilla welcomes her. Candles adorn the room, casting them in a soft glow. Beautiful, shy Elise stammers about wanting to learn Jackie’s other profession.

While student/professor relationships are frowned upon, they are not strictly prohibited. She teases Elise. “And what other profession might that be?”

Elise whispers, “Dominatrix.” Her taught nipples strain against her thin cotton t-shirt.

So you brought a few books on the subject?” Jackie laughs, a deep throaty sigh that raises a delicious blush across Elise’s cheeks. She gestures to the books as if to dismiss them. “Dear Elise, there’s a better way.”

A Better Way to Learn
by @West1Jess
250 Words

Originally written for Siobhan Muir’s Thursday Threads Week 108 to the prompt, “There’s a better way.” The theme is the month of love, all forms of love (M/M, F/F, BDSM, multiple partners, etc.) day.

6 thoughts on “A BETTER WAY TO LEARN

      1. Lol. Well it was great. I’m gonna have to start getting into these writing prompts. I find them fascinating.


  1. Wow! This was awesome, Jessica! By pure coincidence I caught you on Twitter and came over the look at your blog. Going to check out another post of your’s. This got MY heart pounding…I need to wrap up for the night. Geez….this was sexy as heck! 🙂


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