Wordforge 8-19-14 (In a Lonely Place/Hopelessness)

I’ve contributed a little story to The Daily Wordforge. It’s a great bit of fun! Matt Davis provides two prompts every day; a theme and a song. He then gives you ten minutes of free writing to get your story down. (If you go a little over, it’s okay. We’re all in it for the love of the story.) Prompts like this can be helpful if you’re in a writing funk, or a fun way to take a break from the monotony of the everyday thing. So if you’ve got ten minutes, come give it a try!

Eagerly awaiting your tales,


The End and the Beginning

Two angels stood on a culvert overlooking a dry riverbed where a toddler lay curled up on his dead mother’s stomach. The babe had quit bawling and fallen asleep, wisps of his downy white hair twisting in the breeze. His thumb slipped out of his mouth just a bit as he fell into a deep slumber. A chill in the air sent a shudder through his tiny form, and he popped his thumb back in his mouth. A little whimper, a moment of innocent despair, and he drifted off again.

Tears escaped the corners of Anael’s eyes. The angel of love looked to her partner, Lucifer.

He met her watery gaze with a look of compassion, but determination. “It must be done. He is the last. If the demons get to him, his death will tip the scales in their favor.”

“We could hide him, keep him safe, protect him…” Her obstinate hope was endearing, but his patience had worn thin. They were out of time. Lucifer interrupted her.

“For how long, Anael? Even if we managed to keep him alive into adulthood, his soul would undoubtedly become corrupted.” His voice rose as he gained momentum. “You know their purity never lasts beyond the first decade. And then what? He’ll still die, eventually, and when he does he’ll go to them.” He took a deep breath and tried for patience. This was hard for both of them, but especially so for the angel of love. Lucifer had been doing God’s bidding long before this young angel had come along. “Anael, if the demons get this last human soul, they will win the war this time. The world of the living will belong to the world of the dead, and mankind will never again exist.”

Her tears flowed freely now. “Why must we continue this never-ending loop of destruction?”

“Because mankind will always become corrupted and demons will always find a way to exploit that. You know this.” Taking a great leap of faith, Lucifer let Anael in on his plan. “I may have a way to stop it, though.”

Anael blinked in surprise, hope lighting her face from within. In the short time they’d worked together, Lucifer had come to love her above all others. He wanted nothing more than to give her hope, no matter the cost.

“When the cycle begins again, and mankind is created anew, I will fall from Heaven and descend into Hell.”

Anael gasped, horrified.

Lucifer gripped her arms and stooped low to hold her gaze. “Hell is full of all manner of demons, but has no leader. They operate on chaos, that’s part of the problem. If I can get in and take over, like God does in Heaven, then I can keep this from happening again. Think about it.”

Anael’s wide eyes blinked slowly and Lucifer could almost see her mind considering his plan. Her eyes glazed over as she looked into a possible future, one where hope was allowed to thrive. “We’d never again have to take innocent lives to keep good and evil in balance.” Her eyes came back into focus, the tears gone. “Do it.”

Lucifer straightened and smiled. “I will.”

With smiles on both their faces, Lucifer and Anael flew down to the sleeping toddler curled up against his mother’s torso.

Click the link below to read this and others at The Wordforge.

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