Broken Man

Bent and broken, the man continued to crawl across the dark parking lot. Overhead lights sparkled their reflections in hundreds of glassy shards. They bit into his flesh, through denim and flannel. He dragged himself along, oblivious, leaving a trail of blood and gore behind. Worse than this apathetic creature was what followed his gruesome path.
Armothides. From a distance, one might confuse them with armadillos. That is if armadillos grew to the size of bears and had six appendages instead of the usual four. Its two forearms, giant pincers, remained raised in a boxer’s stance.
No one knows for sure what led or bred these beasts into existence. Of those who survived long enough to give it any thought, some believed God’s wrath had been visited upon the Earth; others that the government’s experiments went horribly wrong. Most blamed aliens. Not that the creatures themselves were aliens. No, just that aliens had visited Earth to try their hand at creation or evolution.
In any event, the three beasts following the emaciated fellow paused. The one in front began a slow rotation. Just before turning the full 360°, it stopped.
Pincers held high, the monstrosity reared up on its hind legs. As it stood, the gray ridges along its back scraped against one another like nails on a chalkboard.
Its two companions turned in the direction their leader faced, rising and adding their shrill grinding to the echoes of the first, even as it returned to its previous posture.
Six pincers clicked.
Three monsters gave chase.
The broken man paid them no mind. He continued on his path, leaving traces and bits of himself behind.

Jessica West (West1Jess) February 10, 2016
Trying my hand at Omniscient PoV. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Broken Man

    1. hehe … I rarely ever write literary pieces b/c I can never tell if the message has been conveyed. I think it’s too subtle, in this instance. This is a glimpse into mankind’s drive to continue, even when the world around them is falling apart, even when they could potentially change the world for someone else if they’d just stop a moment and take a look around.

      Maybe I could expand on this some day, bring those ideas to the fore and really shine a spotlight on that part of human nature.

      You’ve definitely given me something to think about. Thanks!

      ~ Jess


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