#10WeeksOfHorror; A Writing Challenge

As murderous, painted monsters crept forth from the shadows -laughing maniacally and bent on the destruction of the world of the living- a few brave souls stepped forward to save us all. Celebrate our #HeroesOfHorror; Gethin Jones (aka @gethinmorgan), Rachael Ortego (aka @rmo5001), and Silver Surfer (aka @KarinaLawrence). Their valiant efforts have saved mankind, for … Continue reading #10WeeksOfHorror; A Writing Challenge

Come with Your Sins, Leave Your Fears

And now, for this week’s installment of #10WeeksOfHorror, something a little different.   A CD of hymns played softly, but loud enough to penetrate the confessional door. Sister Margaret was pressing her luck, though, having reduced the man on the other side of the screen to panting, near panic. If anyone had entered the church … Continue reading Come with Your Sins, Leave Your Fears