Flash Fiction

#10WeeksOfHorror Shorts:

Bad Tastes

Siren’s Call

Come With Your Sins, Leave Your Fears


From the Second Circle

Why Do the Screaming Banshees Scream?

Literary Fiction


Free From Love

A Matter of Life and Death

A Mother’s Duty

Always Changing, Always the Same

Coming of Age

Empty Goodbyes

Final Moments


Flecks of Wishes Against a Cobalt Sky

The Wait for Forgiveness

Twisted Fate


By the River Styx

Come Along, Now

The End and the Beginning

The Collector





Tempest Tossed, Tempter Taken (Fantasy only)

The Invisible Someone (Fantasy only)

Untitled (Fantasy only)


Taken by Darkness

A Busy Man

Vending Wishes, Candy Shop Dreams


A Better Way to Learn (F/F Romance)

Benny at the Bus Stop with the Gun (Noir)

Bricolage with a Plastic Bag (Writing Practice)

I Come Again (Your guess is as good as mine.)

Renewal (Fantasy/Literary Fiction)

Space (Science Fiction)

The Capture (Thriller/Suspense)

Living a Dream (Published at Prose Before Ho Hos)

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